About SensorsCon

The ISQED conference on Sensors - Technology & Applications (SensorsCon) is a forum to present, highlight and discuss the latest research, development, application, and business opportunities in sensors technology and applications in various fields.The market for sensors and related technologies is expanding at a phenomenal rate. The conference brings together researchers, developers, and practitioners from diverse fields including international scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes, and industry


Partial list of the topics explored in this conference

  • Chemical and Gas Sensors: Materials Devices, electronic nose, electric tongue, continuous process control, test kits
  • Optical Sensors detectors, photonic bandgap Materials
  • Sensor/Actuator Systems: Sensor electronics, multi-sensor integrated systems, interfaces intelligent sensing, integrated sensoractuator systems
  • Sensor Networks: Components, Network Architecture, remote sensing, telemetry, communication, internet-based or other remote data acquisition, sensor control
  • Applications: Automotive, medical, energy, smart power grid, environmental monitoring, consumer, security, military, nautical, aeronautical and space, robotics automation

Prospective sponsors, and exhibitors, and speakers are invited to send proposals and inquiries to


List of organizations participated in past events

IoT Summit, IoT Tech Summit